Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas in Brighton

Recently, I took a weekend trip to Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach is located in Sussex county, 2 hours from London. I really had a lot of fun.Brighton is known for it's small town charm. I walked and walked and walked and when I got tired finally I just sat down and had a cream tea for a few hours.

I loved smelling the ocean air. Seeing the snow on a pebbly beach is something I've never seen before in my life..

Get your chestnuts. Chestnuts. Victorian Dickens.

On my way to Brighton from the freeway view. White Christmas are the best.

Walking in a winter Wonderland. Later on will conspire as we dream by the fire.

The Beautiful Brighton Pier

The English Channel

The Ice was everywhere and everyone very careful not to slip on it.

I saw the exotic Royal Pavilion. Built for George, Prince Regent, at the turn of the 19th century, the Royal Pavilion is remarkable for its exotic oriental appearance both inside and out. This magnificent royal pleasure palace was revered by fashionable Regency society and is still a distinctive landmark for vibrant Brighton & Hove today.

The Royal Pavilion is home to some of the finest collections and examples of the chinoiserie.

Royal Pavillion

I enjoyed walking around the small town and visiting The Lanes. The Lanes
are a series of small side streets and alleys that have chic boutiques. I just loved the Brighton pubs and very friendly atmosphere.I think the people outside of London are definitely friendlier. I look forward to spending more time in the day. I went on a Sunday afternoon and by evening time, most English towns, including London get very quiet. There's not much to do on Sunday night, except to go to a local pub, but that's England for you.

More next time in Brighton Pubs Sabrinas London Diaries

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Dating in London: Part 3: How To Cause a Stir

Hello Ladies out there and even gents. If you are coming to a new city and you don't know a soul, at least like me when I came to London, don't fear the internet is here!If you want to meet people and you don't have a clue about how to do it. Go to craigslist or even ( very popular in Europe) and just place an ad in the personals.I am sure you already know that, but the key is to place an advert about you that causes a stir and gets attention. There are at least a gazillion people advertising on craigslist everyday worldwide of adverts everyday the key to internet advertising is you write something that wakes people up.

So, here's what I did before arriving to the UK in late September 2008. I had a feeling that the bloke I was going to visit had cold feet. So, rather than feeling sorry for myself or getting blue, I decided I was still going to visit him in London anyway. He was my Plan A. My Plan B was to meet as many London people men and women alike as fast as possible. So, I put an ad on under the personals. I put in the headlines: HURRICANE SABRINA IS COMING TO LONDON. Then, I placed an interesting photo of me. Something where I looked chic and interesting rather than sexy. I also highlighted all my positive qualities. Let your enthusiasm shine and joie de vivre shine forth. Put a very clean-cut girl next door kind of photo. You want to look interesting and attractive and not slutty in the least. So girls don't put a photo of you in a bikini or wearing a bustier unless you want to attract weirdos and people with foot fetishes.

You'll attract who you are. So, if you want to attract intellectual types: write about a few of your favorite books that you like. That you especially like Dickens for his longwindeness and his treatise on Victorian society. Or, write about how the Bach's Bradenburg Concerto No 5 Allegretto Mondato moves your soul.Or, if you want to attract maybe a duke that you just adore hunting and Speak 7 languages. Or, that you that you fancy the 17th century Venetian painter Canaletto because he was collected by the Queen and anything that the Queen loves you just can't live without.Anyway, you get the picture. Make your Advert interesting and highlight what's interesting about you, and what's interesting about your interests.The more outrageously confident you seem, the better.Unless, you are going after quiet shy retiring types.

It turned out, my instincts were right on, because the guy that I came to visit not only had cold feet, but told me straight away shortly after arriving from Heathrow airport that I was not "the one". Literally, I WAS DUMPED UPON ARRIVAL! Damn!I was supposed to stay with him for 2 out of the 3 weeks, instead I end up just staying with him for just under a week. The humiliation of being dumped was just unbearable. I was mortified. But, rather than go back to the USA with my tail between my legs I decided to make the best of my time in London and then I decided to live here. I stayed with the tosser for just little under 1 week and moved out.

Putting this really bold advert, like HURRICANE SABRINA COMING TO LONDON was the best thing I could ever do, because by the time I arrived to London I had my box full of willing suitors willing to wine and dine me, or just some take me out for coffee. which was absolutely fine by me. Still, it was a great ego boost, because I had been rejected by the man I loved. Also, I had survived 2 decades of dating and never had been dumped before so this was especially painful. PLEASE SOMEONE GET THE VIOLINS! And honestly, all this male attention and admiration was just what the doctor ordered. One night just within the week I arrived in London, I had 3 dates with three different men.One took me out to dinner at Carluccios in Canary Wharf. He was a good looking Italian financial adviser. The next one, a really handsome classy middle aged Record Producer took me out to see Timothy of Athens at Shakespeare's Globe in the Southwark ( pronounced Suth-huk, and said really fast). (We actually didn't' have to stand up as a groundling as he bought real tickets). And, the last one a Producer for BBC Latin America took me out for cocktails in Primrose Hill. Nothing really transpired from any of these dates, none of them ended up being my soul mate or the man of my dreams. I didn't end up having much in common with the financial adviser plus he was ten years younger than me. But I am still friends with the producer from the BBC.

After my first initial week, I continued to place the same advert. But if truth be told, it ended up being a job to sort through all the mass emails. I really felt like a rock star receiving fan mail everyday. Finally I just gave it up. I had started meeting people on my own quite naturally on the tube and walking down the street. Yes, I eventually got over that man(that's what I call him)and I forgave him and moved on. I thanked him for being my manivator and motivating my predictable routine loving ass to come to London. He was just the catalyst to get me here. He was my human revolution. So,wherever you are I thank your obnoxious ass for dragging me here all the way from California.Even if the circumstances were less than perfect I have made my life in London for 1 year now and it's been the best thing I have ever done.

So, if you want to meet people in a new city, make a bold add, do it with style, be unique and be yourself and just see what happens.Of course, if you are a woman use plan common sense and spiritual discretion. Meet in public places until you get to know them and don't give out your phone number if you don't feel comfortable.

Let me know how it goes!
Cheers and Best of Luck !

Some Favorite Dating Websites:

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Ideas That Are Good for You and the Planet

I often head down to the park and enjoy my Spanish omelet and my thermos of Earl Grey. This travel mug helps me save hundreds of paper cups from ruining the environment. Starbucks gives me .25 p off and I don't have to waste cups. Those paper cups, especially the Styrofoam cups have a lot of chlorofluorocarbons in them. This is very bad for the environment.Please try to use a thermos whenever you can. In the winter, it's great, because your teas, hot cocoa and coffee will stay warm much longer. Not, only that, you can put shots of Vodka and Baileys, and then take it to the movie theater and to the museums and this will keep you warm in London. The temperature has now dropped to 1 Celsius, it's chilly but lovely in Londinium.

Bodum Travel Mug

The name "MUJI" is derived from the Japanese phrase "Mujirushi Ryohin," meaning "No Brand Goods." Over the last 20 years, they have developed a worldwide following with a guiding philosophy that emphasizes innovative and simple materials, processes, and packaging. The resulting products are streamlined, environmentally friendly, and beautiful in their simplicity.

This set of five unisex ankle socks is made from recycled fabric. Each set comes in a random assortment of colors. These socks will keep your tootsies warm.





Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Shakespeare's Contribution to the English Language

While William Shakespeare died 388 years ago this week, the English playwright and poet lives on not only through his writings, but through the words and sayings attributed to him that still color the English language today.

So whether you are "fashionable" or "sanctimonious," thank Shakespeare, who likely coined the terms. Many of the Bard's verbal gems have been compiled in books like Michael Macrone'sBrush Up Your Shakespeare,and Coined by Shakespeare by Jeffrey McQuain and Stanley Malless.

Here's an example of the phrase, the world's my oyster and the origin taken
from The Merry Wives Of Windsor Act 2, scene 2, 2–5:

I will not lend thee a penny.

Why then the world's mine oyster,
Which I with sword will open.

Not a penny.

If you boast that "The world's my oyster" nowadays, you're claiming that the world's riches are yours to leisurely pluck from the shell. The braggart ensign Pistol, however, utters the phrase as a sort of threat—of the aggressively bombastic kind he's known for. Sir John Falstaff, a braggart almost the equal of Pistol, refuses to lend him a penny; Pistol promises to use his sword, if not on Falstaff, then on other helpless victims, to pry open their purses. Pistol's thievish intentions have largely been forgotten, and "The world's my oyster" has become merely a conceited proclamation of opportunity.

Interesting Shakespeare Sites:
Short History of the English Language

Shakespeare Lexicon and Dictionary

Words Coined by Shakespeare are now Common Currency

Do you really think you know Shakespeare?
Take this Quiz and find out!

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Green in London

You don't have to be a tree hugger or grow our your arm pit hair to go green,
Everyone is going green now! Now, there's a great store in London,called UNPACKAGED that believes that most packaging is unnecessary so they are doing something about it. Unpackaged in London is the better way for you to buy organic wholefoods and environmentally friendly products for your home. If you bring your own CONTAINERS the price is cheaper, but if you forget they also offer reusable containers that you can bring back next time.

The shop sells everything in bulk and has banned almost all packaging, encouraging shoppers to bring their own containers and rewarding them with a discount for doing so.Unpackaged is an organic grocery that rewards you for bringing your own containers for refills. Save money and the environment!

The Problem with Packaging

Whilst some packaging is necessary in our modern industrialised food chain, unnecessary packaging is a waste:

Cost: Unnecessary packaging increases the price of the goods you buy. It means you are charged twice; first when you buy over packaged goods and then through your council tax to dispose of your rubbish.

Waste: Unnecessary packaging is a waste of resources at every level: to produce, store and transport, remove and to dispose of.

Pollution: The two main methods of disposing of this packaging – landfill and incineration – are major pollutants for humans and the environment and release greenhouse gases.

What about recycling?
While some packaging is recycled, most ends up in landfill sites and some packaging is just difficult and often impossible to recycle. According to government figures, landfill sites for London’s non-hazardous rubbish are likely to be full by the end of next year and other landfill sites in the South East will run out of capacity by early 2013. In 2008, Islington Council achieved a recycling rate of only 30% showing that more radical solutions are needed over and above recycling. Recycling is certainly part of the solution, but it will only work if we use less packaging in the first place and adopt more reusable ways of doing things- it is this ethos of reuse that Unpackaged is based on.

Reduce by only buying what you need
Reuse by bringing your containers for a refill
Recycle what you can’t reuse

And… if you can’t reuse or recycle it then don’t buy it!
Unpackaged is located in Islington:
42 Amwell Street

Now offering 10% on all purchases over £20. Don’t miss out!!


Sabrina in Londinium

Some Ways to Enjoy London if Your an Expat

The Expats:Katka,Check Republic,Frederico,Spain,Nacima,French via Morocco,and Sabrina,The American. Four friends,getting together for a day on London's Southbank to enjoy Shakespeare at The Globe.Katka and I used to work at the Rizzoli bookstore in Santa Monica together and would cause a bunch of mischievous havoc together. Now living back in Check Republic, she came to visit me in London with her posh American doctor boyfriend, who was really gracious and treated us to pizza after the show.It's a small world after all.

London is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world. It's a virtual historical theme park. There are more free things to do per square feet. But apart from there being more free galleries and museums than anywhere in the world, London can be seen and enjoyed on any budget. If you are an Expat and you want to see more of London and you've seen British Museum 10 times and you are a bit bored by King Ramses, and you are tired of having tea with the Queen, here are some ideas that will give you some inspiration to delve a bit deeper in English and London culture.

1)Royal Historic Palaces. A membership for a whole year will cost you just £39 and you 'll be able to enjoy free entrance on all five historical palaces for a whole year. In addition be invited to exclusive parties and events for example concerts in Banqueting House. The five Historic Palaces are: Kensingston Palace. Tower of London. Hampton Court. Kew Palace and Gardens. Banqueting House.

The Tower of London

I know Disneyland was modeled after the castle in Germany, but
I can't help it, but The Tower reminds me of Disneyland.It's no Disneyland,for sure,it's filled with ghosts from England's torturous past. Anne Boleyn was decapitated here.Guy Fawkes and countless other poor victims punished for sometimes innocent crimes.Some, were fed to the eels in The Thames River.

Sabrina with the judges at the Anne Boleyn Trial.
Notice that the judge would not let me hold his hand, it had to be like so, very proper Elizabethan Court etiquette, mind you.What I really wanted was to hold the judge with with the dark brooding looks,I mean hold his hand that is.Isn't he gorgeous? I would like to get a job at The Tower of London just so I can look at him all day.

2. London Walks One of London's best kept secrets is The London Walks.Go on a specialized London Walks with the London Walks people.They have walks on Victorian London. Occult London.The London of Harry Potter.Da Vinci Code London. Shakespeare and Dickens London. Many are specialist in their chosen field, some are actors so the walk is not only educational, they can be quite funny and entertaining.

Oscar Wilde( Alan Titchard)- London Walk

3. Thames River Dinner Cruise. This is a great way to see the city and enjoy the architecture. For only about £7 you can get an all day pass. You can go up and down the river. Or, if you are feeling like you want to celebrate and paint the town, go on aRiver Boat Dinner Cruise.

Hey! Save some for me man! My American friend Chuck from Texas, that doesn't like to admit he's from Texas.Can you blame him(Lol!)

After a full day of site seeing, going to about 5 museums, the London Eye then we went on the Bateaux London River Boat Dinner Cruise. It included live music,full 7 course dinner, complimentary glass of champagne,vodka sorbet,desert, and then a bottle of wine to boot. Two crazy Americans in London, we were so happy, we ate, danced and drank and if that wasn't enough when the cruise ended,we hailed a cab to take us to Buddha Lounge to party more. We didn't realize it was just 2 blocks away,How stupid did we feel.Hilarious! This was one of my most memorable and MAGICAL days of many magical days in London!!

The riverboat tour is wonderful it meets at Embankment(across from the tube) and goes first West then makes a loop and at the Tower of London( all sorts of excited hoopla happens there for some reason) and then goes East towards Greenwich. Seeing London by boat is a first class superb way to see all the major London attractions and architecture without walking around or getting into a car.I really recommend the Bateaux Riverboat experience.

4.See Theater-London is perhaps best known for its first-class theater scene. From raucous musicals to serious Shakespearean dramas, there is a show for every taste. Go to a matinee. Matinees are always cheaper than night shows and are generally less crowded. Go to a show just before it starts. If the show is not sold out, leftover tickets are often sold at a lower rate. See shows in the middle of the week rather than on the weekend. Shows midweek are generally less crowded and you are more likely to get cheap tickets. Buy tickets online. Many online ticket agencies offer specials for as low as 10 pounds. But, the best thing to do is just head over to Leicester Square about an hour before the show and buy your tickets. Then, go to a pub, or the Theaters cocktail bar for a drink.

5. The best thing about living in London is that it's so close to so many fantastic English towns:Cambridge,Windsor, Oxford, Brighton,Stonehenge and
Bath just to name a few, and are just a few hours away on the train. You can also travel all over the United Kingdomo, Edinburgh, Scotland and Wales. Book online and in advance and you'll get a good offer. Book online with National Express, Virgin Trains, and Megabus. Megabus, like in America offers really cheap fares even for the same day.

Some Important Websites

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Dating in London
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Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Top Eleven Things to Do in London for Free

1. Art Galleries
London has some of the best art on the planet.The Tate Modern focuses on contemporary art while Tate Britaindisplays British Art from the sixteenth century to the present day.Other major London art galleries include the The National Portrait Gallery,The National Gallery,both in Trafalgar Square.I would also recommend, The Wallace Collection,which is a great respite after a hectic day of shopping on Oxford Street. And remember,many musuems and galleries are open late on Friday night.

2.London Museums
Visit and enjoy many of the London museums which happened to be free.
These Museums not only are free,they offer a great way to see world class art, sculptures.In Kensington you can hit three museums in one afternoon on musuem row:
The Victoria and Albert Museum,
The Natural History Museum,
and The Science Museum .

At The British Museumin Russel Square one
can see Egyptian mummies,ancient Roman,Greek and Oriental artifacts, Elgin marbles(involved in an ongoing cultural tug-of-war between the British and Greek Governments),and the Rosetta Stone(the key to translating hieroglyphics).Much of it was stolen from other countries.Not only is it the oldest museum in the world but, since its inception in 1753, the institution has managed to build an unrivalled collection of exhibits from the ancient world, many of them gifts from wealthy collectors.

3.London Churches
You can see insideWestminster Abbey
for free.The Abbey never charges people who want to worship but they rely on admission fees from visitors to cover running costs. Evensong is the most beautiful of services where the Abbey choir sings. The Choristers of the Choir are educated at Westminster Abbey Choir School and are all extremely talented. Evensong is at 5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, plus at 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

American Girl Will Show You London Tour
Chuck Lankford on The American Tour of Westminster Abbey

You can also enter St.Pauls Cathedral
to see the Choral Evensong. Like Westminster Abbey, it ususally starts at 5:00pm Monday thru Friday, and it's free! Also, The Brompton Oratory has free concerts.The choir has appeared in award-winning recordings on DG Archiv and frequently sings for productions of the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Enjoy beautiful polyphonic music and Gregorian chants while sitting in resplendent baroque Italian architecture.

4. Royal Parks
There are often free talks and guided walks in the royal parks so do check the What's On section of the Royal Parks website.Royal Historic Parks. There are 8 park. St. James Park. Regent's Park. Hyde Park. Kensingston Gardens. Bushy Park. Greenwich Park. Green Park. They often have wonderful walks and events that are free.

5.Changing of the Guard
No visit to London is complete without seeing this military tradition. The Queen's Guard in London changes in the Forecourt inside the gates of Buckingham Palace at 11.30am every day in the summer and every other day in the winter. Get there early and view the spectacle from outside the front gates.

6. South Bank
It really is amazing how many London landmarks you can see along this stretch of the River Thames including The ship theHMS Belfast,
Tate Modern, Shakespeare Globe Theater, and so much more.

7. Street Performers
The West Piazza of Covent Garden Market has street performers to entertain you every day.Covent Garden has live singers from The Royal Opera House and classical musicians. (All performers have a license and have gone on an audtion).Grab a hot cocoa or glass of wine, sit on the piazza and voila there you have entertainment for an afternoon and evening.You will find more street performers at the weekend along the South Bank, particularly outside the National Theater.

8.London Markets
London is well-known for its popular street markets. The most popular are Camden Market and Portobello Market, following closely by Greenwich Market. Find out about these markets and more:

London Street Market's
Camden Market
Portobello Market
Greenwich Market
Old Spitalfields Market
Brick Lane Market(Sundays only)
Petticoat Lane Market
Picadilly Market
Columbia Flower Market (Sunday mornings only)
Borough Market

9. Libraries
Many of the London Libaries are free. When you got the site seeing blues, check out your local London library and just relax among the books. Get a library card and then you can check your internet for free. But, the best library of them all, and probably the best library on the planet is The British Library.They care the biggest collection of the world of Jewish, Christian and Muslim books. Check out Shakespeare's original folios.See The Magna Carta. Find out how different people were effected by the Magna Carta.

10.Free Entertainment

St. Martin in the Fields Church offers free Concerts on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays at 1 pm. It's very relaxing, just to sit back and relax and her a Brandenburgh Concert or Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Also, there are inexpensive concerts in the evening where you can hear French cafe music or live jazz. Usually it's quite inexpensive and tickets are usually £10.

You may also attend a Lunchtime Recitals at the The Royal Opera Houseat 1 pm. The tickets need to be confirmed 9 days before the show.And, can be bought online at It's a great way to spend an afternoon and take a break from your work day, or if you want to relax and hear some beautiful music.


You can't go inside the Tower Bridge for free, but you can look at it for free.
London Bridge was originally the only crossing for the Thames. As London grew, so more bridges were added, although these were all built to the west of London Bridge, since the area east of London Bridge had become a busy port.

American Girl(that's me),Will Show You London Tour

Lee Howard on The American Tour of Tower Bridge

Schedules for Events in London:

St. Martin in the Fields Concert Schedule

Changing of the Guard
Westminster Abbey Music and Choir Schedule
St.Paul's Choral SongSchedule
The Brompton Oratory Choir Schedule
London Market Schedule
For More Free Things to do in London

One of the few things I do in life is give TOURS OF LONDON,
American Girl Will Show You London

-How to be A Romantic Romeo on a Date
- Green London
- Ghosts of London Walking Tour
-What to do if your in London for awhile and have seen all the major sites

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What to do on the First Date


1.Do be confident. Confidence is the great elixir for success and happiness in life. If you not that good looking and if you aren't very wealthy. You can make up for it if you have confidence and believe in yourself.Be confident. This is the best advice I can give any man. Just be yourself. Don't apologize so much if you make a mistake. Don't explain yourself so much. Act as if everyone loves you and they will.If you want to see her, just call her and ask her out. During the date, just be yourself. Confidence is sexy. If you don't' have a lot of confidence do whatever it takes to build your confidence levels up. If you need to write a list of the ten things that you love about yourself and think about it. Or, say your positive affirmations before you go on a date and look at yourself in the mirror and say aloud " Damn, I am a god of love, all women love me!"

2.Play it cool- Don't go too hot and heavy in the beginning otherwise you are likely to ruin something good. Also, if you are too pushy and too much into her you seem like you are too needy and that's not attractive at all. Just be cool and be patient and wait to see if something happens.

3. Try to talk about common interests. If you love football and cricket and she could careless. Dont' go on and on about how Chelsea won over Barcelona and how you and the boys had 5 pints of Guinness at the pub.Try to find something that you mutually love or are passionate about and fly from there. Make it genuine. If you dont' like cocker spaniels and she does don't pretend that you do or she'll see right through it. That's lying and not cool. Just pick up on what she wants to talk about and then ad what you want to talk about and that should make for mutually fulfilling conversation.

4. Try to keep up with cues- If she says she doesn't like hot peppers or spicy food don't offer to take them to a restaurant where they serve Mexican or hot Indian food.If she says she's tired that she's just gotten over being sick don't' offer to take her to a boat ride when it's raining.

5. Take her to an interesting restaurant. This shows the lady that you
have some style and character. This also shows her that she's important enough
to you that you've taken some time out to research a special restaurant.
It doesn't have to be expensive. If she's sensible and practical she' ll appreciate that you don't just drop loads of money on her initially.

In the end, it's best to use your own judgment and instincts about finding or attracting someone. After all the road to love, has no rules but is best perfected and mastered by our own mistakes a long the way.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dating in London: Part 2: What to do on the Second and if you are lucky Third, Fourth and Fifth Date

6. Show interest in her life. If she says she likes scuba diving. Ask her if she's been to the coral reef. If she says she's really motivated to write her first screenplay ask her where she went to school and what are her favorite books.

7. Respect her feelings- If she says she doesn't want to drink any alcohol in the middle of the afternoon, don't insist that because you are partying hard because tomorrow is Diwali ( the Indian New Year) and that today you are letting it all hang out and going wild. If she just wants to have one drink that's her business.
Besides, if you push her to much into drinking she's going to think your just out to take advantage of her. It's so obvious.

8. Do go slow. Sometimes, it's best to just go slow and take your time. Nice and Easy like Sinatra says. This way your feelings can build up.The romantic tension can develop too. If you go slow, by the time you do finally kiss there will be some powerful fireworks and you'll have laid the foundation of a long lasting relationship.

9. Do value just being friends. Friendship is the basis and foundation for something deeper. Sometimes, a woman can fall in love with her friend. But, if you burn out the relationship too soon, you may loose that opportunity to ever be friends with someone and also you end up enemies too. Sometimes, a woman might fancy someone more than you at one time in her life but if you still like the person and want to hang out because you dig each other than by all means do so. Men should try to develop more friendships with women and by doing so will not only increase their success with women, they'll be able to understand their psyches much more.

10. Do be romantic and chivalrous- This could mean writing a note about what you like about her. On the first date, you can do one romantic gesture that says you dig her. You can tie her shoe, if it needs tying. Or, take her hand while she's crossing the street. Or, brush her hair out of her face. Or, put your arm around her. Or, wink at her while you are looking into each other eyes over dinner. These things are subtle, but ever so sexy and will warm her to you. You don't always have to bring a box of chocolates and a big bouquet of roses on the first date. That might be over the top. Unless, let's say you've known each other for years or have watched each other for months in the office and can't wait for some time to be alone together finally ! Or,you have been friends for years And the romance is there just waiting for one quiet night out to unfold your inhibitions. But, if you do it from the beginning and you don't' know her very well it could seem a bit pretentious and presumptuous. It could seem like you are trying too hard to win her and that's a bit of a turn off.

11. Have your own life. I think what makes a man attractive to me is that he has masculine drive and purpose in life. He has some towering goal he's working towards. He's powerful in his own way and that has nothing to do with what he says about himself it just shows in the way he walks and carries himself. He has dreams that he's made true and he 's working towards other dreams and you can see that he's a person that can manifest things. He has his own hobbies, friends,interests, goals completely apart from you.You can be someone that a lady could respect and admire.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Dating Don'ts Continued

Here's More Dating Don't Continued.

6. Don't pick a generic restaurant

Story: It was my first date with this man that I had met quite naturally. I had a date once, we had planned to meet in Notting Hill where there are a lot of restaurants. We met at somewhere popular like Starbucks and then decided to go further. I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch. He said Nando's.
I just practically rolled my eyes.( Well, I did roll my eyes, but he just didn't see it.) I politely suggested that we go to some nice restaurant on Portobello Road. We ended up going to a nice Thai restaurant and we had ended up having fun. But, the key is to pick a restaurant that lets her know you spent ten minutes on google just to figure out where to take her. That she's that important to you. Or, maybe you are so hip that you already know of a chic fun restaurant. Men ! This doesn't have to be expensive something under £15 per person. We are not talking about five star restaurants here. Or blowing your paycheck on this woman you hardly know.And, if your a student £7 or 8. This is about using your imagination, creativity and personality
and showing her that you can be real fun man.

7. Don't compliment her looks or her outfit so much. A good looking woman
has been told all her life that she's beautiful. You can compliment her on her outfit because everyone wants to feel admired but do it to a minimum. Instead, compliment her on her uniqueness, her intelligence and her accomplishments.

Story: An intelligent woman wants to be admired for her individuality and creativity and the things that make her and her alone unique. Cue into that and you will win her over a little by little, of course, along with everything else.

8. Don't be pushy. Don't start hanging on your dates.

Story: I was at a movie once with this young man it was our first date. The guy he would not let me breathe he practically suffocated me. He just
hung on to me for dear life and hugged me so hard.I was annoyed that he
was not into the movie and was just too affectionate. And, hung all over me like a lost puppy dog. Gross. I wanted to push him away from me, but I didn't want to be rude. I felt like telling him: " Jesus, I just met you man would you control yourself, sit up straight up striaght and watch the movie, after all you just paid 20 quid to watch it ! Damn!

9. Don't be too affectionate-
Don't insist that you have to have kiss on the first date.
I often don't kiss on the first date. I like to have a connection to whom I am kissing and sometimes the first date seems a bit too unnatural or rushed to kiss someone you hardly know. Don't underestimate the relationship. Sometimes it takes time for sparks to fly.

Story: I had a long term boyfriend once, I didn't kiss him for like the first 5 dates. I quite fancied him for sure. I just like to take things slow. He was very persistent and he knew that I liked him, but he was quite patient at the pace I wanted to take the relationship. His patience paid off because we ended up being together for 2 whole years.

10. Dont' talk about heavy subjects. Don't hang your laundry.

Story:I went on a date with a man that talked about how he was in the Iraq and he saw his friend's leg get blown off by shrapnel. And, that he's still scarred by the act and traumatized so much that he can't sleep at night. This is scary for anyone to hear on the first date. Although, you want to get your life out on the open and you probably want to see her reaction, don't' do it. It's in poor taste. And, the other person doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know what to say except " Gee I am sorry about that! " It makes the other person feel really uncomfortable. You also run the risk of her feeling sorry for you. But, it makes you look like your life is there all hanging out and that you have no discretion or privacy. It's better if you just say something like I went to Iraq it's not a fun place and just leave it at that. If she likes you,then the next few dates you can reveal intimate things about yourself. I am sure she'll be compassionate. Most women are innately compassionate.But, don't' do it on the first date, its not a good impression and it makes you look like you are reaching out for sympathy even if that's not your intention. Or that you still haven't recovered from your trauma and you need someone to vent to.

In conclusion,it's harsh out there, but with a little hope and some good karma eventually I will find my Mark Darcy. This is a list of a Moron.Why don't you make up your own list on how to be a successful dater and send it to me because I am really feeling things as I go along.It would be nice if someone could give me a few tips instead of me always having to give everyone advice.( Lol!).Anyway, Mark Darcy is out there somewhere and it's just a matter of time before I meet him or run into him. Cheers, Sabrina

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mews in London

One of my favorite things about being in London are these funny little side streets and alleys that are called mews. I always feel like I am in Victorian London and on purpose walk through the mews,imagining myself some damsel (in corset and big petticoat) that has hidden with her secret beau to steal a kiss among the cobble stone mews and a full moon night. One evening I was taking a black cab and the cabbies, most of the time are quite friendly. He explained to me that the Mews were once the stables where the wealthy kept their horses. Now, no longer used as stables they are often prime property, very expensive and for the very posh.

I delved further into my research and this is what I found:
Mews is a chiefly British term formerly describing a row of stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above, built around a paved yard or court, or along a street, behind large London houses of the 17th and 18th centuries. The word may also refer to the lane, alley or back street onto which such stables open. It is sometimes applied to rows or groups of garages or, more broadly, to a narrow passage or a confined place. Today most mews stables have been converted into dwellings, some greatly modernized and considered highly desirable residences.

The term "mews" is not used for large individual non-royal British stable blocks, a feature of country houses. For example the grand stable block at Chatsworth House is referred to as the stables, not the mews. Instead the word was applied to service streets and the stables in them in cities, primarily London. In the 18th and 19th centuries London housing for wealthy people generally consisted of streets of large terraced houses with stables at the back, which opened onto a small service street. The mews had horse stalls and a carriage house on the ground floor, and stable servants' living accommodation above. Generally this was mirrored by another row of stables on the opposite side of the service street, backing onto another row of terraced houses facing outward into the next street. Sometimes there were variations such as small courtyards. Most mews are named after one of the principal streets which they back onto. Most but not all have the word "mews" in their name. This arrangement was different from most of Continental Europe, where the stables in wealthy urban residences were usually off a front or central courtyard. The advantage of the British system was that it hid the sounds and smells of the stables away from the family when they were not using the horses.

Mews lost their equestrian function in the early 20th century when motor cars were introduced. At the same time, after World War I and especially after World War II, the number of people who could afford to live in the type of houses which had a mews attached fell sharply.[citation needed] Some mews were demolished or put to commercial use, but the majority were converted into homes. These "mews houses", nearly always located in the wealthiest districts, are themselves now fashionable residences.

Winston Churchill's bad habits

Winston Churchill is said to have been a heavy drinker. He drank a bottle of champagne for lunch, a bottle of champagne for dinner and then he drank whiskey sours in between. On top of that, he smoked ten cigars through out the day. Furthermore, he lived to be to a ripe old age of 91. Mind You? I was so impressed with Churchill's bad habits that I thought I'd dedicated one whole blog to him alone.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Parks of London: Sunday St. James Park

St. James Park is one of the many parks in London. It is also one of the Historic Royal Parks. London has eight royal parks: Bushy Park, Richmond Park, Hyde Park, The Green Park,Greenwhich, Kensington Gardens, Regents Park and St. James Park. London is a very green city, because of the constant rain the parks are lush with wildlife, flora and fauna and many animals.

With it's Royal Political and Literary Associations St James Park is at the very heart of London and covers about 58 acres of land. It has a beautiful lake, pelicans, rare birds and a charming fairy tale inn keepers house in the middle of it.St.James is also home to the MALL,the event for many ceremonial parades and national events. From St.James Park you can see the crossing of the gaurds that takes place every day at 10 am.

I had fun just taking photos in autumn. Seeing the many birds in the park. The leaves are changing. There's a brisk feeling in the air, but it's not too chilly yet, just cool enough to wake you and make you feel alive. St.James Park borders Buckingham Palace on one side,(if you begin your walk there) and then on the other side it borders Winston Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms. If you walk about 5 minutes heading towards the Admiralty Arch you'll see Trafalgar Square and the famous National Gallery. London is a great walking city. But, more than that, it has amazing parks. For me, autumn is the best time to visit, not too cold and not too hot. Just perfect for lounging on the grass, reading a book on the park bench, all bundled up in your gear with a cup of hot tea from your thermos you are set. A stroll in the park in the morning hours is great to wake you up get you started on your day. Here's a few of the 100 photos I shot on one sunny Autumn afternoon. I love autumn, it's my favourite time of year!

Some Important Links:
Historic of St. James Park.

For Walks in the Park.

A Guided Walk: Gun Powder, Treason and Plot. The Story behind Guy Fawkes Day.

Events in the Park

05 Nov 2009
Guided Walk - Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
St. James's Park (Victoria Tower Gardens)
Discover the truth about Guy Fawkes and the plot to blow up parliament over 400 years ago.


Places are limited so booking is essential. Contact the St James's Park office on 020 7930 1793 (Mon-Fre 8am-4pm).

Walks will last about 1 hour and are aimed at adults with a general interest. Please come dressed for being outdoors.



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