Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Letter and Update to Readers of Sabrina's London Diaries

Dear Readers of Sabrina's London Diaries and once and awhile pop in people:

 I am wanted to inform of you of my latest intentions with this wonderful, modern outlet for self-expression, the blog. I wanted to let you know that in future, I will be writing more regular posts. There will be interesting and fun photos taken from my archives for Wordless Wednesdays, on Fridays there will be book reviews of books I have already read and am reading currently, which are mostly of the Classic Literature genre, there will be Shakespeare Sundays. I adore Shakespeare and will use my blog not only to learn more about this wonderful man but to write about the bard and share my knowledge. I'd like to write about his contribution to the English Language and Literature. Being and Austenite, I will be writing about Jane Austen, her life, her novels, characters in her novels, movies made about her books, balls ( in London and abroad) English dating in the 18th Century and now. And, of course, my blog won't be complete without adding  some juicy tid bits of my dating experiences both in London and abroad, which I know you are just dying to read. ( Lol!) After all is said in done, I hope that I will also have time to work, start my Phd, publish a book of poetry, get married, travel abroad and volunteer in UGANDA. Well, as John Lennon said, " Life is what happens when your busy making other plans." So, will just have to see what happens.

Thank you for your continued loyalty in reading my blog.

much love and affection,

Sabrina Grace~

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