Friday, 6 November 2009

Dating Don'ts Continued

Here's More Dating Don't Continued.

6. Don't pick a generic restaurant

Story: It was my first date with this man that I had met quite naturally. I had a date once, we had planned to meet in Notting Hill where there are a lot of restaurants. We met at somewhere popular like Starbucks and then decided to go further. I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch. He said Nando's.
I just practically rolled my eyes.( Well, I did roll my eyes, but he just didn't see it.) I politely suggested that we go to some nice restaurant on Portobello Road. We ended up going to a nice Thai restaurant and we had ended up having fun. But, the key is to pick a restaurant that lets her know you spent ten minutes on google just to figure out where to take her. That she's that important to you. Or, maybe you are so hip that you already know of a chic fun restaurant. Men ! This doesn't have to be expensive something under £15 per person. We are not talking about five star restaurants here. Or blowing your paycheck on this woman you hardly know.And, if your a student £7 or 8. This is about using your imagination, creativity and personality
and showing her that you can be real fun man.

7. Don't compliment her looks or her outfit so much. A good looking woman
has been told all her life that she's beautiful. You can compliment her on her outfit because everyone wants to feel admired but do it to a minimum. Instead, compliment her on her uniqueness, her intelligence and her accomplishments.

Story: An intelligent woman wants to be admired for her individuality and creativity and the things that make her and her alone unique. Cue into that and you will win her over a little by little, of course, along with everything else.

8. Don't be pushy. Don't start hanging on your dates.

Story: I was at a movie once with this young man it was our first date. The guy he would not let me breathe he practically suffocated me. He just
hung on to me for dear life and hugged me so hard.I was annoyed that he
was not into the movie and was just too affectionate. And, hung all over me like a lost puppy dog. Gross. I wanted to push him away from me, but I didn't want to be rude. I felt like telling him: " Jesus, I just met you man would you control yourself, sit up straight up striaght and watch the movie, after all you just paid 20 quid to watch it ! Damn!

9. Don't be too affectionate-
Don't insist that you have to have kiss on the first date.
I often don't kiss on the first date. I like to have a connection to whom I am kissing and sometimes the first date seems a bit too unnatural or rushed to kiss someone you hardly know. Don't underestimate the relationship. Sometimes it takes time for sparks to fly.

Story: I had a long term boyfriend once, I didn't kiss him for like the first 5 dates. I quite fancied him for sure. I just like to take things slow. He was very persistent and he knew that I liked him, but he was quite patient at the pace I wanted to take the relationship. His patience paid off because we ended up being together for 2 whole years.

10. Dont' talk about heavy subjects. Don't hang your laundry.

Story:I went on a date with a man that talked about how he was in the Iraq and he saw his friend's leg get blown off by shrapnel. And, that he's still scarred by the act and traumatized so much that he can't sleep at night. This is scary for anyone to hear on the first date. Although, you want to get your life out on the open and you probably want to see her reaction, don't' do it. It's in poor taste. And, the other person doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know what to say except " Gee I am sorry about that! " It makes the other person feel really uncomfortable. You also run the risk of her feeling sorry for you. But, it makes you look like your life is there all hanging out and that you have no discretion or privacy. It's better if you just say something like I went to Iraq it's not a fun place and just leave it at that. If she likes you,then the next few dates you can reveal intimate things about yourself. I am sure she'll be compassionate. Most women are innately compassionate.But, don't' do it on the first date, its not a good impression and it makes you look like you are reaching out for sympathy even if that's not your intention. Or that you still haven't recovered from your trauma and you need someone to vent to.

In conclusion,it's harsh out there, but with a little hope and some good karma eventually I will find my Mark Darcy. This is a list of a Moron.Why don't you make up your own list on how to be a successful dater and send it to me because I am really feeling things as I go along.It would be nice if someone could give me a few tips instead of me always having to give everyone advice.( Lol!).Anyway, Mark Darcy is out there somewhere and it's just a matter of time before I meet him or run into him. Cheers, Sabrina


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