Wednesday, 21 October 2009

London Fashion Part 1

What is fashion? Is it all about keeping up with the trends or being a unique individual? To me fashion has to do with personal style, attitude, and charm. To me, you can wear a £2,000 Marc Jacob coat, but can you pull it off. Do you have the panache? do you have the attidude? Do you have the bearing to wear it or does it wear you? To me style is all about being yourself and trusting your instincts. It's being comfortable in your own shoes. It's about confidence. You can wear a £10 jacket you bought at the Charity shop and you can look like a million bucks if you have the confidence to wear it. Once, I bought a Cynthia Rowley Vintage jacket at The Salvation Army in Los Angeles;it was worth about $500, but I only spent $8.00.It was a steal!Everytime,I wear it I feel like a rock star.I get tons of compliments. In the end, do you want to be swallowed up by the fashion industry or do you want to make your mark in your own way?

Here are a some photos I gathered from seeing people walking in the streets
and admiring thier uniqueness and courage to follow thier own sense of style.
London Steet Style:A bright orange sweater bought at a charity shop,a green baseball cap worn with orange garden shoes,a khaki jacket with the only acessory a gorgeous smile,a nice fluffy scarf,butterfly belt worn with converse shoes. Are the 80's back?It's neon to die for! A beautiful Irish lassie wears sophisticated black in a sexy sweater and skinny black jeans. A fedora hat worn with bohemian tunic and leather purse. A bright purple shirt worn with head bandana, and converse shoes. Whatever it is, make it your own. Do whatever it is to express who you are and your uniqueness.Make it your style and no one elses!




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