Saturday, 19 June 2010

Part 3: Friends in London

This is my friend Bader Mirza, he's half Egyptian and half Iraqi. He's very nice. I met him at the Queens Hotel when I was staying there. He worked part time as the reception desk. He was a first class gentleman, and would always carry my grocery upstairs. When I was sick he brought me some chicken soup to my room. I never forget his kindness, even though he's very mischievous. He also would invite me to all these parties with this Shiek that he met in his last trip to Dubai. Apparently, for such a humble job he had, he knew all these Sheiks and used to go to all these parties in London's classiest hotels. Bader means Moon in Arabic. He would call himself the King Bader, and he would call me Princess.

Aniello and Samantha Baldini in Twickenham, London

When, I first came to London, I did the COUCH SURFING thing . I stayed with this really charming Italian couple. Samantha's house always smelled like the LUSH store. I cooked a few times for them, and one time I made a Spanish  Tortilla and it landed on the floor instead of the pan. They were both very gracious about it.  They lived in Charming Twickenham, about 30 minutes outside of Central London. You had to take a train from Waterloo to get there. Twickenham is the home of the great rugby matches and the home of Orleans House. Well, Sammy and Annielo were very nice to me and made me feel at home. They also let me stay a bit longer, which I am very grateful, they left to go to Italy for about 4 days and left me the keys to their house. It was a great respite for me, at the time, because I after staying in noisy and populated hostels, I needed some private time to myself. It seems like my whole time I was in London I was always blessed with unexpected suprises and people supporting my life.  I was very much in rhythm. Sammy and Annielo, if your reading this, your the best, if you come to Los Angeles, mi casa es su casa. Millie Bacis. By the way, Annielo you look like Andrea Boccelli.

Hector is a reporter for BBC Latin America and I met him in London.
We met here at the Dublin Castle, where the 80's Ska Group Madness got their start.

Tanya Kwiez at Planet Organic Notting Hill
I used to go to Planet Organic practically everyday to stock up on vitamins and get a hot cup of tea during a break. The Internet cafe I went to was just across the street so I would often pop in just for a break of a cup of tea or some yogurt. I met the nicest people that worked there. Tanya Kwiez is a volunteer for project Watoto. Every year she goes to Africa and voluneteers at Paradiso orphanage with Project Watoto.
If you would like to work as a Volunteer or Donate to Project Watoto, please, go to

This is Heather Bowie,we met walking down Westbourne Grove street she asked me for directions in my neighborhood.  (I used to walk down Westbourne Grove and take it all the way to Notting Hill and then famous Porto Bello Road.). Heather Bowie hails from South Africa, and is of Scottish descent,  and we planned to go to Scotland together but never got around. She's very cuteand always sweet. She works in the fashion industry in London.

Sabrina's London Diaries: Part 1: Friends in London

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