Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dating in London: Part 2: What to do on the Second and if you are lucky Third, Fourth and Fifth Date

6. Show interest in her life. If she says she likes scuba diving. Ask her if she's been to the coral reef. If she says she's really motivated to write her first screenplay ask her where she went to school and what are her favorite books.

7. Respect her feelings- If she says she doesn't want to drink any alcohol in the middle of the afternoon, don't insist that because you are partying hard because tomorrow is Diwali ( the Indian New Year) and that today you are letting it all hang out and going wild. If she just wants to have one drink that's her business.
Besides, if you push her to much into drinking she's going to think your just out to take advantage of her. It's so obvious.

8. Do go slow. Sometimes, it's best to just go slow and take your time. Nice and Easy like Sinatra says. This way your feelings can build up.The romantic tension can develop too. If you go slow, by the time you do finally kiss there will be some powerful fireworks and you'll have laid the foundation of a long lasting relationship.

9. Do value just being friends. Friendship is the basis and foundation for something deeper. Sometimes, a woman can fall in love with her friend. But, if you burn out the relationship too soon, you may loose that opportunity to ever be friends with someone and also you end up enemies too. Sometimes, a woman might fancy someone more than you at one time in her life but if you still like the person and want to hang out because you dig each other than by all means do so. Men should try to develop more friendships with women and by doing so will not only increase their success with women, they'll be able to understand their psyches much more.

10. Do be romantic and chivalrous- This could mean writing a note about what you like about her. On the first date, you can do one romantic gesture that says you dig her. You can tie her shoe, if it needs tying. Or, take her hand while she's crossing the street. Or, brush her hair out of her face. Or, put your arm around her. Or, wink at her while you are looking into each other eyes over dinner. These things are subtle, but ever so sexy and will warm her to you. You don't always have to bring a box of chocolates and a big bouquet of roses on the first date. That might be over the top. Unless, let's say you've known each other for years or have watched each other for months in the office and can't wait for some time to be alone together finally ! Or,you have been friends for years And the romance is there just waiting for one quiet night out to unfold your inhibitions. But, if you do it from the beginning and you don't' know her very well it could seem a bit pretentious and presumptuous. It could seem like you are trying too hard to win her and that's a bit of a turn off.

11. Have your own life. I think what makes a man attractive to me is that he has masculine drive and purpose in life. He has some towering goal he's working towards. He's powerful in his own way and that has nothing to do with what he says about himself it just shows in the way he walks and carries himself. He has dreams that he's made true and he 's working towards other dreams and you can see that he's a person that can manifest things. He has his own hobbies, friends,interests, goals completely apart from you.You can be someone that a lady could respect and admire.


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