Dear Reader of Sabrina's London Diaries:
I went to London in September 2008 just for a 3 week vacation, I decided to live there.
I ended up living there for a long time. This blog is part travel journal, part personal memoir, sometimes private and sometimes not. I write about my initial culture shock of living in London with blogs, like " Drinking Habits of the English", " Pubs aren't for Me", and " Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone". I also write about my Dating conundrums and mishaps in a self-deprecating blog called, "Finding Mr. Darcy"---- a serious Austenite my dating blogs look at the romantic life of a single girl through a 18th century lens looking backwards but then racing towards the future with exuberant optimism. I also write about some of History's greatest people:  Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Jane Austen, and of course, Harry Potter.

Living in London for me, was an absolute dream come true. In my blog, I live to tell the tale and I am still telling it after all these years, and plan to publish my memoirs.

Thank you for your interest and visiting me!


Sabrina Grace~

p.s This blog evolved from someone telling me that I should write about my experience in London. One year and a half later, I am still writing about my experience in London.
I came back to Los Angeles in 2010 and I found that it has changed so much.
But, it's like what Benjamin Button, says in the movie after he comes home from being
gone for a long time, it's not that Tenessee has changed it's that I have changed. And, so,
it's not that Los Angeles has changed so much, it's that I 've changed and my views and
perceptions have changed along with that. Lving in London has changed the way I see the world, and now the way I see myself in the world.

If you need to contact me


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