Saturday, 5 September 2009

Southwark London- The London of Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe

This is my favorite village of all the villages in London. Southwark is replete with old world charm and has the oldest Market, Borough Market that goes back to the 13th Century. Southwark Cathedral used to be the old church of Shakespeare and his contemporary Christopher Marlow. Many films have been shot in these alleyways and bypasses. The cobble stone streets remind me of another era. St Pauls Cathedral was built in 1677 by the Architecture Christopher Wren. You can see it from London's south bank. A hot humid August day is the best time to see it from along London's southbank.

Besides all these great historical riches Southwark has, one of the best thing about this side of town is the Fresh Cut Chips (No frozen chips here)
near the Borought Market!! More in detail about the charms of Southwark.



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