Friday, 29 June 2012

Book Review: Michael's Reward- Written by Mario Bernheim

Michael's Reward: How to Get God's Attention, When Your World Is Falling ApartMichael's Reward: How to Get God's Attention, When Your World Is Falling Apart by Mario Bernheim
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author transports you into the mind of Michael Whiley. Michael Whiley is a very successful man who has a turn of unlucky events happen that make him become homeless, wifeless, childless and broke, but not broken. Through Michael's test he develops a strong power in faith, belief in himself and the mysteries of the universe. This is a great book to read and the author, Mario Bernheim weaves a tale that will have you on the edge of your seat, crying one minute, and laughing the next, but always intrigued by his poetic imagery and powerful storytelling.
Michael Whiley through his own sheer will power and FAITH  not only  turns his life around, but comes out shining even more victoriously and abundantly than before his crisis. On top of that, he builds the good fortune in his life and is able to be an extraordinary generous philanthropist. Every negative in his life he turns into medicine. Michael is Christian, but this book could be for anyone of any faith.Which is one reason why I am writing this review.

Three fourths the way through the book,Michael turns his seemingly miserable life around. When, he does this I see this as turning something negative into a positive. I interpret this in Buddhist terms, as doing Hindokko Yakku or turning poison into medicine.

This book is an absolute page turner. It's also inspiring, quotable and at times has you questioning your own sense of faith in yourself. It also helps you see your life in the bigger picture. And, helps you assess your long term goals, dreams and visions.

I am very happy I read it and would recommend it to my friends of all faiths, including Buddhist.
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