Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Last Tuesday Society Shop

Taxidermy was quite popular in the Victorian period.  The Victorians were fascinating with collecting stylish clutter. At The Last Tuesdays Society's Shop and Museum, you can unleash your inner gothic Victorian, and can collect all sorts of curiosities.

Photo of Victor Wynd in front of his shop

 Victor Wynd, Director of  The Last Tuesday Society, oversees the events at the Masked Balls, owns and runs The Little Shop of Horrors in Bethnal Green.

The shop of curiosities sells:
 "A wide variety of curiosities and oddities [...] from human fetuses to shrunken heads, chocolate anuses, carniverous plants, orchids and mutated teddy bears, not to mention a fine selection of speciality teas, broken children’s toys and dead plants."

In the Shops discover all kinds of medicinae, zoology , naturalia, osteology (study of bones), entomology ( study of butterflies). In the zoology department you can see all sorts of dead stuffed animals, including a monkey. LondonAntique Taxidermy, Victorian Taxidermy , Contemporary Taxidermy, including Stuffed Birds and Stuffed Animals, Game Heads, Trophy Horns,Skulls and Skeletons, Pickled Specimens,Curiosities,Glass Domes, Cases, Collector's Cabinets.

An Array of Beautiful Butterfly Species at the Shop. Endomology- the study of Butterflies.

Everything is for sell if your interested.

The shop is dedicated to all sorts of weird science and there is a charge to the Museum.

The Little Shop of Horrors Holds a Lecture Series . There you will find classes such as  HENDRICK'S QUARTERLY SEANCE with Richard Wiseman. " Why let Death get in the way of a good conversation."

Enjoy !

Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors & Museum.
11 Mare Street
Hackney, London E8 4RP
 and is currently open 12-6pm, Friday to Sunday.

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