Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dating in London: American cowboy vs. English bloke

Before I came to London I never much fancied American men. I thought they were rough around the edges,unsophisticated, loud, obnoxious, and not well traveled. All these clichés that the whole world thinks and believes about Americans I also thought the same thing too. I know it's a shame that I could think so poorly of my own people. But, some of those clichés and generalizations do hold some truth. I know from experience. Back home, I also dated many sophisticated, well traveled and highly educated men. But, something inside me was turned off by American men. Perhaps, the grass is always greener on the other side and I preferred the flavor of some different more exotic food than what I was used to or what was in front of me.

Living in London has taught me to appreciate American men more. After dating men from about 10 different countries, I can finally assess honestly that American men are the most generous, kind, open, feminist, and straightforward. I dated an American man he always insisted on walking on the outside of the street just in case someone splashed water on my hoop skirt ( hee hee). He was very gentlemanly and always offered to carry my big satchel. On the other hand, when I told them that I had myriad of professions they rooted my multi- talented and diversity instead of making me out as some circus freak that can't focus.They are also very generous to everyone: they tip the waitress and taxi drivers 20%, whether they are rich or not. I think American men appreciate my ambition, assertiveness and straightforwardness. Where with a lot of European men they are threatened by my strength, an American man can handle me and bring out my best. My Italian boyfriend told me one time he thought I was too masculine. I just told him he was too feminine and that he could not handle me.He also couldn't change a light bulb to save his life.  When I asked him to change the light bulb it took him two months, then when he finally did he broke the light bulb and he broke the fuse. Italian men have a bit of a dandy in them and take preening to the extreme. I do start to worry when a man I am dating has over preoccupation with his looks and with fashion more than I do. Anyway, we are talking about American men not Italian men. So let's not get off the subject.

Whateeevah! I also think American men are more spiritual, especially Californian men. Most men in the world American or not, are just not interested in spirituality. They don't get it in the way women are naturally talking about Star Signs and the supernatural. That's just men for you !Some English men though, unless they are Buddhist or are from Glastonbury ( is a new age village known for it's hippies and new age airy fairies don't understand a thing about spirituality; karma, or New Age philosophy, metaphysics. It's not that they are closed off to it, sometimes they are interested in it and ask me lots of questions. But, many thinks it's airy fairy to talk about this stuff. It's just not in the culture so don't even bother. So ladies if you can accept some of what I mentioned about English culture English culture and try and focus on the positive qualities of English men (immigrants: European/ Middle Eastern/ Asian men),you are going to have a really fun adventure and unforgettable time. And stories definitely you can tell your grandchildren and your friends and family back home. I can write a book dedicated to dating around the world, but this is just a glimpse of my vast experiences. These are my personal experiences with men in London that has made me a wiser woman. OK dolls this has been my own unique experiences now be brave date as many men as possible and get back to me (lol!) Maybe, we can write a book together.. Huh? Anyone out there, want to co-write a book with me?

Note Bene: Some of these vignettes are gross generalizations and gross exaggerations, it's all meant in the spirit of humanistic humor and fun. No offense is meant so no offense is taken. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?


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