Monday, 18 January 2010

Part 4: Fashion, So, what is style?

Taken from the tube.

And sometimes, all you ever need to have style is a big huge Cheshire cat smile that beguiles, that alone can speak volumes. The poise. The humor. The ability to laugh at ourselves.The joyfulness we bring out into the world. Our spirit of sharing and compassion.The generosity. The friendliness to strangers. The good manners. These small things that we take for granted these are the best accessory of them all. The cheerful way we greet others in the morning even if we haven't even woken up yet. To hold our tongues when we really want to curse. The courage we show to be our best in spite of not always having things go our way or being millionaires. The small acts of kindness and forgiveness when people aren't behaving their best with us, maybe because they are stressed out or they are feeling low themselves.And, the words I am sorry to others when we behave inappropriately or not our best. And, of course, thank you. To me, this is what makes style, otherwise, fashion and the myriad ways women go about preening and primping themselves,it's all just mere vanity and ever so shallow and silly. What does it all mean if in the end we can't be nice and happy

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Pubs in Brighton

These photos were taken in my trip to Brighton. The Pubs are much nicer down in Brighton than in London. Many have a roaring fir place and big huge sofas to sit around. The prices are less expensive out of London too. But, what's special about them is this nice old Victorian quality and the coziness. Everyone is very friendly in the pubs, I guess you wold be too if you drank a pint or two of Guinness.

The Victory Inn. I saw this pub and I just had to go in.

I just loved this fireplace and the entire decor of the pub was so charming,
with a undertated elegant old world feel. I decided to stay a bit. Most pubs in London are crowded and filled with drunk or pissed (not pissed off) Londoners, all talking very loudly (which I deplore) and which makes me avoid them like the plague.But, this pub had a friendly atmosphere,yet it was very quiet and relaxed,so when you chat with someone you can actually hear what the hell they are saying.

I met these two really cute and very friendly English girls and had a pint with them and talked about the Queen and the Victorian corset shop down the lane. Apparently, Brighton has the best bespoke Victorian corsets on the planet.
They fit you and they look like you come out of a period movie, but all this period glamour comes with a price. They run about 100 quid.

The Sussex

These lovers can't keep their hands off each other.Whoever said they English were cold.It's not true they're just very reserved until you get to know them. I have to defend them because they have this reptutation of being passionless and cool, but it's not always true. We have to try to defy these stereotypical myths that we create. Although, that whole thing about keeping a stiff upper lip is true, you'll seldom see an English person loosing their temper or showing a lot of emotions in public. I went to the Brompton Oratory for Christmas Carol service, I was so moved by the service and angelic music from on high that I started balling. When I looked around I noticed I was the only one crying. I noticed that people were subtly staring at me. Slightly embarassed I hid my face behind the program. But, once they feel comfortable with you they can be the nicest, most open and warm people I ever met.

I love the kitschey feel of this pub, and all the charming tea cups.

This is Rudolph!

This is what a typical English Victorian pub looks like. I especially
liked The Sussex.

I loved the decor in this pub, it was a bit cluttery, but it worked. It had
a lot of character and charm.

I met a nice English bloke, but we didn't snog or anything like that.

Two English blokes just hanging out.Pubs are great for hanging out,
and catching up with old friends.

Here's another pub, close to the Ocean shore and right next to some hostel,
which I can't remember the name of.I just liked the decor, it was fun.

Wherever, you go in England, the Pubs are almost always downstairs. And, another good thing, if you really have to use one,the staff is really friendly
about letting you use it, even if you aren't a patron.

The word "pub", is short for "public house".The pubs are there for the community.


Dating in London: Part 4: How to Have a Hot First Date

I just started writing articles for and this article is the most popular of the 10 articles that I published. It has received about 300 views in the last 2 weeks.Yes !! Life is so amazing !All my years of being single and looking for Mr. Darcy and coming up short and just finding a bunch of frogs.And, having a string of boyfriends and never ever getting married to anyone, all my years of suffering and frustration not finding the right man.Then, having to answer to my Mother when she asks me if I have a fellow, " No, Mom, not yet, do you know of anyone?" Now, from a Buddhist perspective, I am in the process of changing poison into medicine. Mysteriously, I am helping other people have successful dates.(I am not getting more dates with men, but NOW I am attracting more friends)So, that's good! I suppose I have the experience and now just need to be a bit more patience,(with a capital P!)
to find Mr. Right,instead of Mr.Right now.

Does anybody know anybody know anyboooooooooody?
My priorities and standards are so low now,that it shouldn't be too hard
to set me up on a blind date. The only thing I ask is that he speaks English and has a dowry.

Here is the link to one of my Top Viewed Articles on ( don't ask me why)
How to Have a Hot First Date |

A lot of women complain that men aren't romantic, here's a great article
to bring out your inner Romeo.
How to Be A Romantic Romeo on a Date |

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and Romance in Sabrina's London Diaries

p.s. Do not believe a word, I was just taking the mickey, my standards are at
an all time high ( lol !)



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