Saturday, 19 September 2009

Part 2: Dating in London: What's it like to date an English man

My experience in dating in London is unique to me, of course, but perhaps there are other species of the more delicate gender who would agree with me on the courting rituals of the male beast. And, that thereof of the English man.

So, you want to know my opinion on dating an English bloke? Yes, you do, or you wouldn't be reading this blog. Well, first of all, what you see in the movies could be true of English gentlemen. The Hugh Grants, the Colin Firths and who else,mmm...who is that guy Beckham. Those are fine examples of English gentlemen. (Except for Hugh Grant, he was weird with his philandering with prostitutes when he had gorgeous Liz Hurley.. what's up with that Hugh?) Anyway, The English men are gentlemen to the extreme !!: courteous, thoughtful, well mannered, polite, and disarmingly charming. They are great models for the rest of the men in the world on sophistication and plain old fashioned good manners. They are always very dapper, well dressed and svelte. Yes, svelte ! They drink a lot of beer, but I have never seen one English man with a big belly. It's a mystery to me, because I don't see many gyms around London, not like in California anyway.

Seriously, English men love to write. They are natural great and talented writers.Even their natural speech is quite eloquent and they have a great vernacular of elegant words at thier disposal. Being a words smith and poet myself, I just love it. I think it has to do with their upbringing and the school system requires them as young lads to write many essays. It's any wonder England has produced some of the world's greatest writers. I can attest to this because I am a lover of Literature and am particularily fond of English Literature. I love Shakespeare, Eliot, Hardy, Austen and Thackeray. I think England is a land of poets, so naturally the men are quite naturally poetic even if they write you a text message. If they have degrees from Oxford or Cambridge they are like this to a more intense degree. It's very romantic and quite refreshing.

So, once they start writing they may write you or let me correct myself, they will compose ( this is said in a POSH British accent) an email. Usually, it's no more than a simple concise 3-4 paragraphs. I don't have time to read 3 to 4 paragraphs from a man that I just met. The English men are quite long winded. They like to beat around the bush. It's all very romantic and lovely, for sure. But, this day in age, I have to bring home the bacon and sometimes fry it up in the pan. I don't have time to sift through a deluge of words from a man I just met and had one connection with. In their boyish charm they often forget that women just like a man to call them and ask them out on a date. It's very simple.

By this time all this attention is wonderful. It's quite good to be showered with so many compliments and the intrigue is building. But, don't buy into it. The next thing, is that they'll text you about 20 times. Telling you how much they love the moon when it's full and that it reminds them of you. Or, how they are wondering why you stopped emailing and texting them. And, that they dropped by the original place that you met in the hopes that they might run into you again because they really miss you. Then if they run into you at the local pub they have to drink 5 pints before they muster their courage to talk to you and ask you for your phone number again. Once, they start a rampage of texts it's endless. They'll practically conduct the whole courting rites and propose marriage to you via texts. The intrigue and sexual tension is building, meanwhile your hands are getting carpal tunnel from so much texting!!

The English men are quite reserved and are afraid of the initial intimacy. It's quite aggravating for me to conduce a relationship email/ text or otherwise, with a man I hardly know. If a man is not brave enough to just call me and ask me out for a drink or a lovely cup of tea, I don't want to have anything to do with him. As, the English say " I can't be bothered!" On the other hand, if the man is your boyfriend or someone your attracted to then by all means a bit of techo flirtation I suppose de rigeur in this day and age so indulge yourself!

And, if you really like the bloke, you can always consider going with the flow and just enjoying the diversity. What is that saying patience is a virtue. As Eart Kitt sings in her song " An Englishman needs time". Well, you might have to be a bit patient with the way the English blokes are so shy and reserved, but it could also prove quite rewarding. Besides being reserved is quite beautiful thing.

Here is a video of Eartha Kitt Singing An Englishman Needs Time."

Enjoy !
Note Bene: These blogs are meant in the spirit of good humor and love.
No offense meant. Hopefully, no offense taken. Hey if you can't laugh
at yourself you are going to shorten your life span. Duh!


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