Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wordless Wednesdays- Old World

Taken from my archives- Oxford, United Kingdom.

One thing I loved about Oxford, was that it reminded of me of  Berkely, California (where I lived for 4 years before living in London ). Berkeley and Oxford, have much in common, both are College towns, and both are relatively village like. Like Oxford, Berkely has throngs of people riding  bikes, mostly students, but everyone else seems behind the trend. Mostly, because of the environment.  Berkely,is famous for University California at Berkely, which is one of the most reknowned and prestigious universities in America. But, who can compare the grand school like Oxford. I have a friend back home that studying for his Phd in Literature, at both Oxford and Berkely. (I have to admit I am a bit jealous of him, and now he's jealous of me because I lived in London, so our mutual jealous karmas are balanced now-Lol !)

 Oxford has an old world charm, that indelibly gets etched in your pysche. I fell in love with Oxford, it's a  place where great minds have studied, and you can't help, but feel the intellectual vibrations everywhere.I would love to live there someday, it seems like a cultural and intellectual paradise, where one could day dream, think deeply about the meaning of life, or different paradigms through out histories, soar with your thoughts, and just simply be inspired by the mere thought of living in a very, very old town, that is home to one of the oldest schools on the planet, and has educated some of the finest and greatest minds through out history. Oh, the mere thought, just gives me goosebumps, and makes me long for old world Oxford !

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Joyce T. Mann said...

I visit Oxford vicariously every time I watch episodes of the Inspector Morse and now the Inspector Lewis mysteries. Lucky you!


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